No University Press

 An un-academic press 
 for academia


NoUP will publish argumentative work of any field, so long as it is also work that strives beyond its field. We seek work possessing a presentist enthusiasm that works beyond the policies of enclosure that define and underwrite the mission of academic publishing.

A new imprint from Tenement Press, NoUP will exist as both an open, digital library and print publisher. Concentrating on collaboration and cooperation in lieu of peer review, the press will advocate a fair remuneration for its authors, and consider the pace (and place) of publication as an (unerringly) collaborative process.

NoUP will publish paperbacks that contest and undermine the price point that render academic works unavailable to a general reader. We seek work that represents the ideas and the meanings of institutionalities gone awry. In line with Tenement’s convention, we will make our books internationally available, with short production cycles and rapid distribution, and counter the belatedness typically associated with academic publishing through active co-work and co-editorship.

#1   •    AN ANARCHIST PLAYBOOK        January, 2024

             An anthology of works owing
             to the Radical Translation Workshop

  NoUP is currently closed for submissions 

  An ongoing & growing collation of original
  (& borrowed) texts & digital ephemera

Please address all correspondence
and general enquiries to
benjamin.pickford@no-university-press.com /

NoUP is edited and managed
by Dominic Jaeckle, Benjamin Pickford 
and Alexandra Dias Fortes.


Walt Whitman, 5¢ Stamp
US Post Office, 1940
Ralph Waldo Emerson, 3¢ Stamp
US Post Office, 1940
Justin Hamel,
Post Office Mural (Pelham, GA)
© Justin Hamel, 2020