NoUP / First Call


Tenement Press will be accepting proposals
for the NoUP series November ‘22 through March ‘23


We seek work from both within and outside of the academy that represents the ideas, the processes, the meanings of institutionalities gone awry. Work from within the academy that draws away from its enclosures and institutionalities at every moment, in every line, and work from without the academy that might tempt academicians to stray.

The “No” of NoUP is no negation, but a means of opening forms of argument impelled by enthusiasm and exploration. NoUP will publish and support work that would otherwise be lost to a readership gated by critical and institutionalist governance. We seek work riddled by the dynamics of doubt. Unmoored work that strives to exist without the pressure of affiliation. A refusal of the adjunct, the subordinate, the sense of structural dispensability that saddles a monograph. Emergent work on emergency. Positive work. Peripheral works. Minor works on minor authors. Furious, engaged works. Cross analyses of fury. Quick work. Slow work. New work. Old work. Invested work. Political work. Porous work. Short work, characterized by openness and incompletions that remain avenues of entry to the uninitiated reader, reopening unhealed scars of patched up conclusions to unhealable disagreements. Collaborative and cooperative work. Tangled work. Open work. A disciplinary bleed.

Submissions are encouraged from all quarters; and work of any stripe and variety; be you author, translator, critic, poet, academic, artist, activist, filmmaker, archivist, librarian, musician, early-bird, or night-owl ...

                                                et cetera, et cetera

Necessaries & Particulars:

• A proposal of 1250 to 2000 words in length;
• Examples of previous work(s), be it published or unpublished;
• Links to any visual and/or sonic documentation of work(s);
• For manuscripts in development, a rough writing schedule;
• A brief biographic note.

Please address all materials (and general enquiries) for the attention of the editors, Benjamin Pickford, Alexandra Dias-Fortes & Dominic Jaeckle

no.university.press@gmail.com cc. editors@tenementpress.com


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