Rehearsal /
An Eternal Open Season


   Rehearsal is the new continuous (digital) corridor
   of material from Tenement Press
   (under the flying flag of NoUP’s activities);
   see here for previous works in the Rehearsal thread ...

   Submissions are (eternally) open 
   for short-form work which engages    
   with our commitment to actively ignore
   the borderline between creative, critical, 
   poetic & political practices ... 

Rehearsal undertakes to rethink the social, collective, and collaborative nature of study via work that opens itself to its reader; that is not bound by conditions of reception or use; that persists in the activities of reading, listening, thinking, talking, playing. Rehearsal publishes work amenable to lunch-hour consumption, work which leads a reader away from the dedicated performances of any working day.

In the context of the university, this invites specific acts of creative abandonment and new forms of collaboration: what could scholarly inquiry be when we ditched any commitment to critique? What forms could intellectual work take when we relinquish institutional allegiances? Most of all, how could our intellectual cultures evolve when the porch, the factory, the barroom, the breakfast table became discursive and collaborative contexts that supplement—or displace—the seminar room?

We invite submissions which respond to these ideas and inducements in any way and any form while corresponding to the terms of the rubric below. To emphasise the social, collective, and committee-spirited nature of Rehearsal, we prefer that submissions should gesture to their incompleteness or suggestiveness rather than declare finality or unassailability. Sketches and fragments, imperfect morsels of ideas in development, works in progress, and works set aside or discontinued because seemingly unworkable are particularly encouraged.

& Particulars

Submissions should not exceed 3000 words. We welcome lyrical, poetic, and speculative approaches—polished works and works-in-progress—and encourage stylistic and formal experiments in all submissions, whether they be creative or critical.

   Submissions are encouraged from all quarters,
   and work of any stripe and variety, be you author,    
   translator, critic, poet, academic, artist, activist,
   filmmaker, archivist, librarian, musician,
   early-bird, or night-owl ... 

Submissions should include (at least) three images (we welcome illustration as elucidation; image-essays; critical collages; montage; et cetera). Soundworks, readings, sonics and filmworks or visual submissions are also welcomed (with audio and image files at a maximum duration of thirty minutes), accompanied or unaccompanied by text or illustrations as desired.

   Text and image-anchored “Rehearsals”
   will be periodically collated and issued
   in paperback editions via Tenement’s
   NoUP imprint ... 

• Text work of (up to) 3000 words / six poems (& accompanying images), texts should be sent on in both Word & PDF formats;
• Links to any visual and/or sonic documentation of work(s) via WeTransfer or Dropbox;
• A brief biographic note

Please address all materials (and general enquiries)
for the attention of the editor Benjamin Pickford

cc. editors@tenementpress.com

Top Down

Marbled Notebook (1980s), Ebay
US Post Office Mural (Kellog, Idaho)
Jean-Michel Basquiat’sComposition Book,” Cover 
Post Office Mural (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Woody Guthrie’sCompositionsnotebook, Cover